About Us


Mohan Realty Group is a boutique property management and real estate company offering round the clock services to meet the unique needs of New York’s high end luxury buildings. We boots on the ground, providing scalable management and real estate services for properties throughout New York and the entire Tri-State area.

Our Story

From our humble beginnings to our massive expansion one thing remains the same and that our passion, dedication and commitment we make for each and every one of our loyal consumer. Once you do business with us you quickly see why we are  the # 1 Real Estate Office In Queens NY.

Our Vision

Karl Mohan has manage to put together some of the most talented, humble, hard working and successful real estate agents this business has ever seen. The company he built continues to enhance the skills of the seasoned agents as well as the new fresh talent to stay with the changing times and trends. Karl Mohan has taken the step into the future with his company to embrace the Digital age that has transformed our lives in so many way. He has taken Real Estate into the 21 st Century with the introduction of the Digital Listing. Call find out more about getting a Digital Listing for your home today and get a Free Market Analysis.

Karl Mohan
Broker / Owner

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